You can tell we love our dogs. When you purchase one of our Shar-Pei pups you aren't just purchasing a puppy – you're really getting part of our fur-family.




Proud breeder of the amazing Chinese Shar-Pei.

I fell in love with this breed when my husband brought our first Shar-Pei, Boo-Bear home years ago. Ever since then, I decided that this was the only breed I would ever want. With Boo, I learned so many things about the Shar-Pei including their devoted nature, undying love, stubborn attitudes and ultimately their health issues. Boo was riddled with eye, skin and ear problems. I didn't realize how important good breeding and preventative care was back then - but I sure learned quickly. I made it a point after getting my next Pei that I wanted to do more than just love the breed; I wanted to help improve them - all while finding a way to convince my husband that I needed to have a house full of my favorite dogs...then our HapPei House of Wrinkles was born!

We are a family breeder who takes great pride in the health and comfort of our pets. We love our babies and feel each breeding is special. We hand raise our pups right along with mom so they only know the feeling of love. They are raised in the home so they get acclimated to the daily activities including the ever-present handful of young children who help mold them into lovable family companions!

You can tell we love our dogs. When you purchase one of our Shar-Pei you aren't just purchasing a puppy; you're really getting part of our fur-family. Knowing that, we hope that you continue to update us with photos and know that we are here to support you the best we can for the life of your Peiby.





Duke is our an Isabella Flowered with a thick brush coat. Duke is a standard weighing in at 50 lbs, heavy brow and nice structure. He is a very docile and gentle dog and all his pups have proven to be very intelligent and loving. Duke is a SPAID CNV6 marker.


Moo-Shu is a beautiful chocolate flower bear coat with a friendly and gentle disposition. He has a thick build weighing at about 55 lbs. He extremely playful and personable. He is not shy and loves to get loads of attention when he isn't playing with his toys.

 Moo is a SPAID CNV6 marker


Dude is our Swedish import. He is a masked fawn and we are excited to see what his future holds. He is a standard brush coat. He is very special to us and the breed as he is one of the only SPAID CNV2 marker males in the USA! He has a happy high drive personality. Very athletic and sweet tempered.

Dedicated to their health, all parents are genetic health tested to help make a healthier next generation of pups. We use the SPAID test as a tool along with pedigree knowledge to help us make sound breeding decisions. Other tests such as OFA hip, elbow and patella certifications are done on our dogs that are old enough to be evaluated. We also take the time to test for POAG/PLL eye disease (primary open-angle glaucoma and primary lens luxation). Our pups are AKC registered; additionally we provide a 2-year health guarantee, microchips with a pre-paid AKC reunite lifelong-membership along with the basic health needs such as worming, vaccines and eye tacking (if needed). We believe in taking a holistic approach to most of their basic needs. We believe in modern medicine but we do feel less is more. We crate train from the very beginning and start house training our pups around 5 weeks so they will be ready for new homes by the time they are 8 weeks old.




Milady is an Isabella brush coat with a blue muzzle and saddle. She has a beautiful face, thick padded muzzle and great muscle tone. Milady is a standard size and weighs in at 48 lbs. She has a high drive to protect her property but is gentle and dedicated to her family.


The "Bear"oness is a black bear coat Shar-Pei. Her coat is soft and silky. Bear looks big but she is actually between mini and standard. She has a thick heavy frame but shorter at the withers compared to the standard. Bear is one of the sweetest of the bunch and thrives on affection.


Duchess is a lilac brush coat mini weighing in at only 35 lbs. She has a luscious coat that is actually slightly soft for the breed. She has a stunning little muscular frame and good wrinkles. Duchess is very intelligent and outgoing for a Pei. She has a great athletic energy.


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